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Niagara Frontier Industry Education Council, Inc.

Founded in 1976, the Niagara Frontier Industry Education Council’s, Inc. (NFIEC) mission has been to build bridges between industry and education to benefit students.  For 42 years, NFIEC has been bringing business leaders, educators, community stakeholders, parents, and students together to develop career strategies which help build the skills students need to become successful in the workplace beyond high school. 

NFIEC functions as a common meeting ground for business, industry, education, labor and government through collective membership and engagement services. NFIEC thrives in developing and presenting a wide variety of programs, courses, and community services – all aimed at helping the students of today become the educated, well-adjusted, and contributing high character employees of tomorrow.  Visit us at www.nfiec.com to learn more.


College and Career Portfolio (CCP) (formerly BEEP) – High School juniors and seniors learn workplace skills and how to showcase them by participating in a digital portfolio program called the College and Career Portfolio or CCP.  With the help of business partners, NFIEC and the West Seneca School District teamed up 19 years ago to create this website-based portal to establish a place to gather individualized career exploration resources.  It has been utilized by 30 school districts through Erie 1 BOCES as a reimbursable co-service to WNY school districts in Erie, Niagara, Cattaraugus, Allegany, Chautauqua Orleans, and Wyoming counties.  Since that pilot and development, thousands of high school students have completed a CCP portfolio. 

When students participate in CCP, they learn to showcase high quality work that is both academic and career skills based that employers expect.  Local business professionals stand behind this initiative by actively participating in annual reviews of student portfolios and signing off on them as “students who are employable.”  After a successful interview and portfolio review process, NFIEC presents each student with a Certificate of Employability.  Once completed, each student has the ability to share their portfolio and related collections with employers, college admission staff or others with uniquely generated web links that will allow professionals to see their work, skills and competencies.  These unique links can be placed on social media and work-based learning platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn to highlight accomplishments and work-based learning experiences.

 CCP features the following competencies:

  • An in-depth exploration of careers and compilation of a student’s resume, cover letter and letters of reference
  • A report on the various levels of competencies reached regarding New York State Learning Standards and an individualized NYS Career Plan
  • Achievements obtained regarding academic course work, attendance, citizenship, community service and work-based activities
  • Writing samples, reports, research projects, creative artwork, photos, videos, athletic participation and other extracurricular activities can be highlighted and linked to their portfolio
  • An export function that creates a specialized “unique web address link” each time that can be shared with employers, college admissions staff and other social media platforms for review and validation

Certificate of Employability

This certificate provides prospective employers with job-ready candidates by certifying the student applicant is knowledgeable and competent in certain well-defined competencies and skill sets.  With the Certificate of Employability in hand, employers can be assured the candidate is qualified to be successful in the business environment in areas such as:

  • Communication and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Research and information gathering
  • On-the-job learning and self-management
  • Career Development
  • Integrated learning and systems


Annual CCP Student Scholarships

The WNY business community stands behind the CCP project by offering scholarships to participating schools and students.  Major sponsors make it possible to award scholarships at NFIEC’s annual breakfast to students who have completed an exemplary portfolio and interview process.  Last year, over $5,000.00 was awarded to students in 11 school districts.  Since 2000, over $60,000 in scholarships have been presented to students in the WNY region!



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